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    Welcome to the Faculty Support for Moodle site!


    • The first section of the Moodle Main Frame is called Topic 0.  New courses are created with a template applied.  Topic 0 in the template is named "Welcome to the Class".  It contains place holders for the course syllabus, the course overview and the syllabus validation, etc.

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      About Moodle

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    • Moodle Course filter (how to view your list of courses in Moodle)

      A number of faculty have reported they could not see their summer or fall courses listed in Moodle. In most instances, the Course Overview filter was set on a different semester. 

      The Course Overview filter allows courses to be hidden, course overview information to be collapsed and expanded, and the list of courses to be filtered.

      When you login to Moodle, you begin in the "My Moodle" area.  Look in the middle frame for the filter.  Select either "All" or the current semester, "14-15" to see your summer, fall or spring course list.